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Windows XP Support is Ending!

Because Windows XP's support is ending in April, now is the optimal time to upgrade your computer.  No, that doesn't mean computers using the 12-year-old operating system will suddenly crash, but it does open you (and your computer) up for all sorts of vulnerabilities.  Your computer will still run after April 8, but Microsoft will no longer send software updates to patch any new security flaws or provide customer support.  The end-of-support site advises upgrading to a more modern and secure version of Windows.

What does this mean for you?  It means that now is the time to upgrade!  Contact Reverse the Polarity now, and we will walk you through every facet of upgrading your current computer, if possible, or getting you into a completely new one and migrating all of your data over.

For more information on Microsoft ending Windows XP's support, click here.

What is Reverse The Polarity?

Established in Moore, Ok, Reverse The Polarity is a full service, off site, computer repair facility which caters to the needs of home users.

Here at Reverse The Polarity, we are committed to providing quality computer services without the hassles associated with the big box stores. Our employees are all consumers just like you, and we know how you want to be treated; with respect. Courtesy, quality and efficiency are the cornerstones of conducting business at Reverse The Polarity.

At Reverse The Polarity we respect you, your computer and your data. We understand that everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to computers, and we always try to make sure that your computer is restored, repaired or replaced per your needs and wishes. If you are not a computer literate person, please take the time to speak with us, because we believe that everyone should be an informed consumer.

A Local Alternative

Before you lug your computer all the way to one of the big box stores, why not contact Reverse The Polarity? We’re never far away, and we can set up a time for one of our technicians to come to you and either work on your equipment there, or take it with us to perform more in depth diagnostics and repair.